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Dr. Jeff Morley

This site is intended to be a resource to provide credible education to First Responders about the potential risks and benefits of psychedelic therapies. The site will provide links to rigorous and current scientific research in the burgeoning field of psychedelic therapy. The site will hopefully answer any questions you have about the use of psychedelic medicines to treat First Responders. If you have questions for the Q & A, click here

This site is offered by Dr. Jeff Morley. Jeff is a Registered Psychologist (#1577) and Board Certified Expert in Traumatic Stress. Jeff served 23 years as a police officer with Royal Canadian Mounted Police, retiring as a Staff Sergeant in 2013. Jeff currently works as a psychologist in private practice in Vancouver BC where his practice is focused on treating first responders. Jeff has had a long standing interest in the therapeutic used of psychedelic medicines to treat trauma in first responders and others. 

Dr. Jeff Morley, Registered Psychologist (#1577)
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