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Psychedelic therapy is not a one-time quick-fix event. It is a process. 

Psychedelic therapy can be a powerful step in a person’s recovery and therapeutic process. It is only one step. It should never be the first step.

Anyone considering psychedelic therapy should be in therapy with an experienced trauma psychologist for some time before exploring this option. It is ideal to reduce trauma symptoms through traditional evidence-based therapies first and foremost. Psychedelic therapies are effective at helping people work through blocks in trauma healing, and affording a deeper healing experience than traditional talk therapies can provide. Integration after the experience is also very important and a key part of the healing process.

Treatment will entail several sessions of preparation and planning. An MDMA therapy session is a full-day event. After the medicine session, 2-3 integration sessions are also scheduled to ensure healthy integration and help promote lasting change and healing.

MDMA treatment is a legal option in Canada, approved by Health Canada, for certain individuals with PTSD. Please do reach out and contact me if you have questions, or would like to explore this treatment modality.

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