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In the coming months, Guardian Psychedelics will be initiating original research project exploring MDMA therapy with different first responder groups. Stay tuned to learn more. If you wish to get involved as a research partner, or a s a participant, please contact me

The links below are examples of research you may find helpful and informative:

Interview with Dr. Rosenbaum on research in psychedelics from Harvard Medical School 


Center for Neuroscience of Psychedelics Mass General Research


Harvard Divinity School – how psychedelics intersect with religion and spiritualty 


Conversation with Rick Doblin and Torsten Passie on MDMA 


Harvard Law – Psychedelics, Law and Regulation 


Yale research on psilocybin and depression 


WebMD – Psychedelics meet Psychotherapy 


MDMA therapy with U.S. Veterans with chronic PTSD 


Ongoing clinical trials with MAPS, Phase 3 with MDMA assisted therapy


Stanford Medical – Psychedelic Science Group research


Current research at Stanford Medical using MDMA therapy 


Stanford Medical Heifets Lab, research on PTSD and depression using MDMA therapy 


University of California research on psychedelics with treating depression 


NCBA – MDMA assisted psychotherapy for people with treatment-resistant PTSD 


MDMA – Assisted therapy for PTSD 


MAPS MDMA Research for mental health conditions 


MAPS Canada – history and pharmacology of MDMA 


Veterans News – Healing PTSD with MDMA therapy


MDMA assisted psychotherapy for people with treatment-resistant PTSD


CBS News on using psychedelics to treat veterans with PTSD 


Psychedelic assisted therapy in Canada with psilocybin


CTV News on personal experiences with psychedelics


Global news report (2022) how Canada has approved MDMA and mushrooms for medical purposes. 


Global news report (2021) on UBC research into psychedelics and how they help with some mental health


MDMA assisted therapy guide. From what you need to know about this new treatment to how it works


Wikipedia information on MDMA assisted psychotherapy

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